"From Our Lands To Your Hands" Ninth Annual Event will be held at the Exhibit Building on the Boulder County Fairgrounds in Longmont February 21 - 23, 2018.

View the Video for a taste of what the event is all about. 

2016 Summary

"Kids today do not know anything about where their food comes from."  How can we expect kids to know where their food comes from if they don't actually have an interactive part in raising food?  I look out in my neighborhood and less than 5% of the homes have gardens.  Gardens are great tools in showing kids how food is grown. But it provides only a glimpse into the veggies and fruits we can grow and, well for some of us, that is a challenge to get even them to grow!  How many kids are collecting eggs from chickens or milking cows or harvesting wheat today?  Not many, so it is very natural to expect food comes from the store. It is where we buy our food.

But what about those jeans they are wearing, or the baseball they are throwing around, or that plastic fork they used at lunch?  How can they tie that those too come from agriculture?  They won't know until someone teaches them.  It is a common statement that only 2% of the population is involved in farming.  That is only 2% of the entire population.  So likely, kids parents know about as much as their kids do about where their food comes from.  It isn't knowledge that is likely passed down from one generation to the next when their livelihood is not based on growing agriculture products.

So what do you do?  You provide an educational opportunity for local students, you make it free, you make it fun, and you make it hands-on for the students to learn about all things agriculture.  That is exactly what the event From Our Lands to Your Hands is all about; connecting students with agriculture and conservation.  

On February 24 and 25 the 7th annual From Our Lands to Your Hands event took place and provided education to over 1200 local fourth grade students.  It was another amazing event and again wasn't possible without all the presenters, local FFA chapters, volunteers, sponsors, and planning committee.  It truly takes a village to put on this event and there is nothing more rewarding than when you hear a child exclaim while visiting this event "this is the best day ever!"  This event is making a difference, one child at a time and we look forward to carrying the tradition year after year because we hope that the next time they visit the store, put on their jeans, toss the baseball around, or use their plastic fork to eat with that they recall how important agriculture and conservation is in their daily lives.


Jules VanThuyne Jr. answering questions about the combine.

Boyd Byelich explaining the Best Management Practices of grazing rangeland.

Jerry Hergenreder helping students learn the technique of setting siphon tubes.

Boulder County Open Space Ag Division tested students knowledge of agriculture products.

Heath Laber explains the parts of a sheep.

Angie Busby of CalWood Education center explaining how wood products are used in our daily lives. 

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