Polyacrylamide Cost-Share

What is Polyacrylamide (PAM)?

PAM is a synthetic water-soluble polymer made from monomers of acrylamide.  PAM is used to increase the infiltration of water into the soil and improve water quality while reducing erosion and water consumption.  Studies have shown improved water quality of tailwater discharge.  A significant decrease in the amount of sediment, phosphates, and nitrates has also been observed.  Water infiltration rates have also been improved.

Cost-Share Available

The Longmont Conservation District Supervisors would like to give area farmers within their District the opportunity to use polyacrylamide products to manage erosion as part of their irrigation program.  The cost share will be 50% of the cost of the PAM, not to exceed $250.  Cost-share is also available on a belt feeder which dribbles granular PAM into irrigation canals.  The District has purchased some of these feeders and makes them available to producers at our cost of $250.  

Funds are distributed on a first-come, first served basis according to the date of the claim.  Please call the Conservation District Office for further details or an application for the cost-share.


Polyacrylamide Belt Feeder

Feeder is used to dribble granular PAM into irrigation canals.  Cost of the feeder is $250.  If you are in the Longmont Conservation District cost-share funds are available for the feeder or for the polyacrylamide.


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