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Colorado Foundation for Agiculture Summer Institute

The 2016 Food, Fiber and More AgriCULTURE in the Classroom Summer Institute will be held June 27-

July 1st in the Denver area.  The Institute begins with a general agriculture introduction showing Colorado's history and economic reliance on the industry.  Issues and concerns facing agricultural producers are outlined and in some cases reinforced by producers hosting the group throughout the week.  Resource materials ranging from posters to classroom activity packets are provided to attendees.


Highlights of the Institute


The highlight of the Institute is the day spent one-on-one working with an agriculture producer.  Depending on their host, participants will find themselves driving tractors, checking cattle, bottle-feeding calves, repairing fences, learning how computers are being utilized in management and planning, irrigation and more.


The conclusion to the week is the Food, Land and People workshop.  Educators receive the FLP Resources for Learning CD and are involved in hands-on demonstrations of selected activities.  Participants complete the course by developing classroom units integrating agriculture and academic curriculum.


Participants leave the course realizing that agriculture is a driving force in Colorado's economy that is undergoing rapid changes because of growth, water and technology.  They have the opportunity to see practical applications of using agriculture as a theme to teach other academic curriculum in ways to maintain and stimulate their students' interest in math, science, history, civics and economics.  They also learn there are many resources available to them.


For further information on the institute and for registration, please check out the Colorado Foundation for Agriculture website at http://www.growingyourfuture.com.


Scholarships Available


The Longmont and Boulder Valley Conservation Districts award scholarships to teachers in their District who would like to attend this institute.  Other organizations, businesses and individuals will also be sponsoring the event and sponsoring scholarships for Colorado teachers.  Contact bblinde@growingourfuture.com to request information.


2011 attendees of the Summer Institute comments:

"The true value of the class really hit home when I went shopping at the grocery store.  The way I looked at everything in the store had completely changed.  It took on a greater value and worth."  Pandi Spence

"I was amazed by the advances in technology that are now used in the agricultural industry.  I plan to use the resources we were given in our nutrition and health unit.  It is so important that our students know where their food comes from."  Robyn Eisenach

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